From T(h)ree to Four

The story of jazz musician Manuel Muzzu is truly inspiring. Because of an error made by the doctors when Manuel was just six years old, he has a disability in his right hand. Because of this, he was unable to utilize any of his fingers or his wrist. But that didn’t stop this talented musician, because his passion for the bass guitar did not halt his dreams. Thus, this is where the exceptional album “From T(h)ree To Four” comes into the spotlight, and we are elated to hear it all.

“Last One” makes a strong first impression of Manuel’s record. The melodic aura is solid with a funk-jazz fusion, and it’s an eargasmic experience to have. Clean bass notes are played alongside an energizing rhythm section, and it’s an ecstasy of sound. The groovy train continues in “Punky Funky”, this time with a bit more slap bass. Incredible stuff, makes you wonder how well musicians maintain that tempo in jazz. Dexterity and flow come together naturally for Manuel and that’s evident. “Salsamba” is a lovely piece with elements of bossa nova, and Latin jazz. The cadence follows an intriguing sway, and it captivates you with each passing second.

The album concludes with the slow jazz tune ‘M I? It’s an intimate and calming track that is more laid-back than the rest of the album. Altogether, a perfect sendoff for Manuel’s enchanting album.